What’s Holding YOU Back?

“Your gifts are designed to reach the world for Jesus. So what’s holding you back?” – Peyton Jones

That was the opening line of today’s Daily Devotional. This question really resonated with me. I thought, what is holding me back? I have this gift from God and I’ve been wondering its purpose for years.

The purpose of your gift and my gift is the same, and different. The purpose is to reach the world for Jesus. The difference is how we choose to do that. You were provided a gift for a reason, to make a change in the world, to impact the world in a positive way.

So what’s holding you back? There are many people in the Bible who had absolutely zero experience and God was able to use them in the biggest ways. Why can’t that be you and me?

Having 10-20 years experience, 1-5 years experience, or no experience at all; you can still be used to reach the world. There’s a purpose that you hold with your life and it’s fulfilled with how you live it. Live your life using your gift, and live your life with the passion you have for that gift. Now I bet you’re thinking about how to get started.

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Well, Since each person is different, we each have our own individual gift. Maybe your gift is writing, an aspiring author. But you think, “there’s tons of writers why should I add to the huge list? I’m no different.” That is just not true! That’s a negative mindset that you should get rid of and stay far away from!

There is still A Mission to be completed. Or else why would there be so many passionate people with such amazing gifts and talents? You wouldn’t be filled with this passionate gift if it wasn’t meant for something greater. There wouldn’t be multiple people with similar gifts if the gift wasn’t needed to reach more of the world.

Let’s get back to our example about being a writer, there are many writers out there, you’re right. I’m here to tell you that each and everyone of you can reach a mass who really needed to be reached by YOU specifically. Each writer has their own individual and personalized style, interests, goals, and agendas right? Yes, of course there are similarities. BUT! there’s no way there’s another writer who is YOU.

So what’s holding YOU back? The answer is you. Your next step is to start using your gift For the Honor. 





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