5 Tips to Find Your Passion

There are many options when it comes to finding which passion to live out with your life. Searching for your gifted passion can be overwhelming, frustrating, stressful, confusing, or even depressing at times. Once you truly find your passion, life feels that much more purposeful, so much motivation feels your soul. Once you finally find your life reason and decide to make it your life goal and aspiration you’ll find it as a joyous transition but that doesn’t meant it will be easy.

One thing I really appreciate my parents for is their willingness and open-mindedness of letting me try anything and everything growing up. Each school year and summer, my mom would bring a stack of papers full of extra curricular activities. She would let my older brother, sister and I go through them and choose which sport, club, team, class or lessons we wanted to get involved with. Even if we wanted to do multiple, she would let us. She would always put the piano lessons on top for me, she was aware of my love for music and creativity since the beginning. My siblings and tried everything, from soccer tryouts to speed reading. From music technology, to football and cheerleading even golf and animation classes. Before I go off on a tangent reminiscing let’s get back on track here, (by the way we also did track and field and cross country for about 8 years.)

Anyways, there are many ways  for people to find their “thing.” Sometimes it takes years to find it and sometimes you’re born with your gift. Don’t be discouraged when you confuse passion & gifts with hobbies & interests. That is totally okay and a part of the process, believe me! It’s all learning, building and honing your skills.

After all, You won’t know until you try everything your heart desires then one day you’ll realize that you’ve found the one. Just look at my childhood as an example and all the crazy things I tried, and to make matters worse, I loved them all. So how will you know when it truly is your passion and purpose?

There’s always that one interest of yours that is constantly in the back of your mind. When you’re doing your work, in class, at your office, reading your emails. You have this lingering and yet scary thought of this dream that makes you so happy every time you consider following that dream.

Each time you start working on making these dreams come true you feel complete, you feel motivated, joyful, positive, and you are willing to do all the hard work because it’s necessary.

You might be wondering, but this is just a mere dream of mine, a simple wish. How can my passion be taken seriously, and be made into a career, lifestyle or even my life’s purpose? Your passion only starts as a passion until you cultivate it, then it evolves and matures into your purpose.

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So here’s the 5 tips on how to find your passion:

  1. Try anything and everything, even though it’s already planted deep in your heart, mind and soul. You still have to find it.
  2. Keep at it, no matter if you suck at it at first, if you love it, it’s worth the trial and error.
  3. Embrace all the failures because that’s when you learn the most.
  4. Be confident when your transitioning from passion to purpose so that people will take you seriously.
  5. Always continue to learn, grow and enhance your passion, every life has a purpose.

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