How To Be The Best You

Even if you’re perfect for it, if you don’t want something, you’ll never have it. It doesn’t matter how stereotypically perfect you are for it or how naturally good you are at it you are. If you don’t want it, you won’t get it.

There’s this young guy I know, he has the perfect look for modeling, I’d say GQ. He has a unique look, handsome face, great height. I’ve met with him and talked a few times about starting a modeling career including what I can help him with, branding and PR wise. He was responding to me, “that sounds cool” I’d say, “lets do some photoshoots, build your portfolio” he’d say, “yeah okay.” Even though he was responding positively, his body language was saying otherwise. His attitude was neutral. He wasn’t excited, passionate, inspired, encouraged or motivated. He was just there to meet to hear me out.

It was a total bummer because I went there ready to work, even after meeting face to face for the first time I excitedly thought, okay cool I may have my first modeling client here. The reason he was being those ways is, he had some personal insecurities. After we stayed talking a bit more, he started to open up saying, he wanted to work on his body build, he wasn’t sure if his tattoos would fit the “model look”, he didn’t like his smile. This started to open my ears, mind and heart about what this young guy really needed.

He did have an “interest” in modeling. People told him he should model all the time, throughout his life. He “wants to try it” but he just doesn’t know if he’s a fit. Well, modeling is very diverse these days. The things that make you unique and stand out are the things that get you jobs and gigs.

I wish I could go on saying we ended up building his confidence, doing some shoots, encouraging, motivating and inspiring him. But we didn’t, I never saw him after that, and I’m not exactly sure where he is these days. I hope one day we can cross paths. Now that I am here with my Publicist career, I can really help him build his brand. I would be ready to encourage, inspire and motivate him. Build his confidence and self esteem. Only you can be the best version of your self. To be the best version of your self you start with wanting to be the best you.


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