Tips For Baby Photography Success: Featuring Baby Model Aiden B.

We had the honor of doing a photoshoot for SF Bay Area’s very own baby model Aiden B.

Look at those dimples!

His mother(Khrista) needed photos for his 1st birthday coming up in October. The party theme is fishing. Khrista changed him into his “The Big One” t-shirt, then we headed to the park to give it that outdoorsy look.

So much joy in his eyes.


Baby Photog Challenges

Baby photography can be challenging depending on age and personality, of the baby. Sometimes for many unknown baby-reasons, the baby won’t want to cooperate.

Other times it’s simple because the baby will listen or just have a great personality and connection with the photographer. This is great because then he or she will give you great shot opportunities.

Aiden was the latter. We got plenty of great shot opportunities. Especially since Khrista was only looking for the one money shot.


Mommy loves to hold my hands!

Behind the Scenes Coverage

I actually was second camera at this shoot. So I was able to get some great behind the scenes shots of main camera operator one.

Tips, Tricks: Snacks & Sillies

Some techniques we used were common, resourceful and a success. All we needed was a can of snacks and some silly words and games that baby Aiden loves so much he pretty much would smile on cue. Khrista was great at knowing when these 2 tools were needed.

Where’s my crunchies?


Posing, Candids & Close-ups

Now let’s discuss the baby poses, or lack thereof. For babies it really depends on their age, mood and personality that tells if they are going to pose for the camera. But the easy part is, babies are so adorable that candids and their natural behaviors often work just fine.


The photoshoot took a little less than 20 minutes and we got plenty of usable shots that Khrista(mom) LOVED! Camera one decided when to call it a wrap and we packed up to head out.

After a hard days work time for my nap!

Baby-Photo Color Correction & Editing

While editing these photos, I was mostly going for a soft, warm look you know, since he’s a baby. There were some that I did very little editing to because I really liked the natural look of the BTS shots, those greens and that natural daylight lighting was great. It was a perfect day for a photoshoot and great weather, except it was about 108 degrees f. out there.

The Soft Look


The Natural Daylight Look



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