The Models Photoshoot Guide Pt. 1

Word Play for the “Natural Facial Look”

We practiced some natural words you can say to make your mouth look a little more relaxed and a little more sexy and a little more natural and it took me some time to get used to this because I haven’t done this so we used to separate words. Wii used well one was more of an action to blow blow slightly blow like a soft kiss and then the second one was a word so the word was oats. So before we took the shot the photographer would remind me whenever I needed to relax my mouth and lip area to say the word and then he would take his shot one thing I would suggest if you try this message is to definitely get some shots without saying the words because you might want to change up the photo and if it’s your first time doing you might not like how it looks on you or the photographer might not like how it looks.

I will definitely be adding a list of words for you to practice with to see which ones are making you feel and look the most comfortable in the most natural you can go through that list try them multiple times until you get the feel for it and I’m hoping that you find the one for you because everyone is different everyone has different facial features they want to highlight in different facial structure they want to highlight so definitely play around with the words try some of your own that may be similar but different to the words in the list that I provide to you. Okay so we have about 4 different locations if you count the living room where we started and warmed up, well cooled down actually because was a hot day and we were trying to wait for it to cool off before we headed outside.  We also ended up having about four different poses just go ahead and comment below which post you think is best and if you can guess which word I’m saying in the photo I can send you a whole video on how to get more comfortable in front of the camera.

The Basics of Testing Audio For Speaking Events

If you google search high and low, you will find tons of material on Testing Audio, Audio set-up and how-to guides and tip videos on specific gear. But you will not find anything specific to testing and setting up audio for a Speaking Event.

Everything out there is mainly focused on setting up for bands, music, performances stuff like that. There’s nothing specific to Speaking Events. In mid-size to large venues that will have 2-8 JBL speakers spanning across the room with 1-4 microphones set up for a speaking panel, or a key-note speaker.

This post will be a very basic overview of what to do to test Audio for a Speaking Event such as the one I mentioned above. Hopefully this will help you understand on a low level, what you’ll need, what gear to take, and what/how to test what you have. IMG_3413


Always have procedures, it’s time consuming, but you only have to make the procedure the one time, then it’s done and made for the rest of the runs, and you re-use that one procedure, so it’s worth the efforts in the end.

What do you need checklists for?

  1. Which gear you need to for the event/practice
  2. The procedure for setup/breakdown
  3. Use and how to use the different gear

For Checklist #1

you can check off the list as you pack up the van and get ready to head to the event/practice. Take all gear that is going to be used at the actual event, like a rehearsal dry run of the actual.IMG_3419-Edit

For Checklist #2

you take notes as you set up and teardown and create a procedure and step by step process of the most efficient and practical way to set up, conveniently and professional.. and speedy. Most of the time the venue will give you allotted time for set-up and breakdown. So make sure you practice setting up at practice it takes a lot longer than you’d think.

For Checklist #3

Anything that has to do with audio MUST be tested, it’s a lot of hard work, some may thing it’s extra work, but it needs to be done. Take every piece of equiptment, gear and back-ups that you would need for the actual event day.


Make sure as you’re practicing audio not to forget to test the audio on the camera you’ll be filming with (if doing so). Make sure to run the AUX cables from the Mixer directly to the camera, plug your headphones to make sure the audio is coming through and that it sounds crisp, and clean. If there’s any hiss or pink noise you’ll have to trouble shoot, play with the different cables to find out which is causing the noise. It could be as simple as a bad connection or a crossed wire, or cord in the incorrect input or output.


Double Check

Make sure when you’re testing everything, if it’s your first practice or run through to have the whole team there to see how things get done ro should be done. Everyone on the team should understand and know the procedures. Even if the audio guy already practiced the mic check, have the back-up audio person start over, and double check the audio for themselves. It doesn’t hurt to start over return the gains and audios to the starting point and do the entire process over your self.


Microphone Check 1,2 1,2

The most important part of the audio check is the microphone check. Without this check you’re screwed. When you get to the main event and you have the speakers ask you “aren’t we going to do a mic-check?” You should never be thinking “oh, crap how do I instruct and provide a mic-check!?”

As the speakers arrive, go get them, if they don’t come to your headquarters, and mic them up. After you mic them up give them clear instructions on what time the mic check will begin and what it will look like for them.

How to Properly Perform a Mic Check

  1. Each speaker who will be speaking at the actual event should have a chance to run through a mic check
  2. Have each speaker talk at the volume they’ll use during the actual speech, talk, performance
  3. Try to make them laugh, laughs are usually very loud and may cause