The Models Photoshoot Guide Pt. 1

Word Play for the “Natural Facial Look”

We practiced some natural words you can say to make your mouth look a little more relaxed and a little more sexy and a little more natural and it took me some time to get used to this because I haven’t done this so we used to separate words. Wii used well one was more of an action to blow blow slightly blow like a soft kiss and then the second one was a word so the word was oats. So before we took the shot the photographer would remind me whenever I needed to relax my mouth and lip area to say the word and then he would take his shot one thing I would suggest if you try this message is to definitely get some shots without saying the words because you might want to change up the photo and if it’s your first time doing you might not like how it looks on you or the photographer might not like how it looks.

I will definitely be adding a list of words for you to practice with to see which ones are making you feel and look the most comfortable in the most natural you can go through that list try them multiple times until you get the feel for it and I’m hoping that you find the one for you because everyone is different everyone has different facial features they want to highlight in different facial structure they want to highlight so definitely play around with the words try some of your own that may be similar but different to the words in the list that I provide to you. Okay so we have about 4 different locations if you count the living room where we started and warmed up, well cooled down actually because was a hot day and we were trying to wait for it to cool off before we headed outside.  We also ended up having about four different poses just go ahead and comment below which post you think is best and if you can guess which word I’m saying in the photo I can send you a whole video on how to get more comfortable in front of the camera.

The Basics of Testing Audio For Speaking Events

If you google search high and low, you will find tons of material on Testing Audio, Audio set-up and how-to guides and tip videos on specific gear. But you will not find anything specific to testing and setting up audio for a Speaking Event.

Everything out there is mainly focused on setting up for bands, music, performances stuff like that. There’s nothing specific to Speaking Events. In mid-size to large venues that will have 2-8 JBL speakers spanning across the room with 1-4 microphones set up for a speaking panel, or a key-note speaker.

This post will be a very basic overview of what to do to test Audio for a Speaking Event such as the one I mentioned above. Hopefully this will help you understand on a low level, what you’ll need, what gear to take, and what/how to test what you have. IMG_3413


Always have procedures, it’s time consuming, but you only have to make the procedure the one time, then it’s done and made for the rest of the runs, and you re-use that one procedure, so it’s worth the efforts in the end.

What do you need checklists for?

  1. Which gear you need to for the event/practice
  2. The procedure for setup/breakdown
  3. Use and how to use the different gear

For Checklist #1

you can check off the list as you pack up the van and get ready to head to the event/practice. Take all gear that is going to be used at the actual event, like a rehearsal dry run of the actual.IMG_3419-Edit

For Checklist #2

you take notes as you set up and teardown and create a procedure and step by step process of the most efficient and practical way to set up, conveniently and professional.. and speedy. Most of the time the venue will give you allotted time for set-up and breakdown. So make sure you practice setting up at practice it takes a lot longer than you’d think.

For Checklist #3

Anything that has to do with audio MUST be tested, it’s a lot of hard work, some may thing it’s extra work, but it needs to be done. Take every piece of equiptment, gear and back-ups that you would need for the actual event day.


Make sure as you’re practicing audio not to forget to test the audio on the camera you’ll be filming with (if doing so). Make sure to run the AUX cables from the Mixer directly to the camera, plug your headphones to make sure the audio is coming through and that it sounds crisp, and clean. If there’s any hiss or pink noise you’ll have to trouble shoot, play with the different cables to find out which is causing the noise. It could be as simple as a bad connection or a crossed wire, or cord in the incorrect input or output.


Double Check

Make sure when you’re testing everything, if it’s your first practice or run through to have the whole team there to see how things get done ro should be done. Everyone on the team should understand and know the procedures. Even if the audio guy already practiced the mic check, have the back-up audio person start over, and double check the audio for themselves. It doesn’t hurt to start over return the gains and audios to the starting point and do the entire process over your self.


Microphone Check 1,2 1,2

The most important part of the audio check is the microphone check. Without this check you’re screwed. When you get to the main event and you have the speakers ask you “aren’t we going to do a mic-check?” You should never be thinking “oh, crap how do I instruct and provide a mic-check!?”

As the speakers arrive, go get them, if they don’t come to your headquarters, and mic them up. After you mic them up give them clear instructions on what time the mic check will begin and what it will look like for them.

How to Properly Perform a Mic Check

  1. Each speaker who will be speaking at the actual event should have a chance to run through a mic check
  2. Have each speaker talk at the volume they’ll use during the actual speech, talk, performance
  3. Try to make them laugh, laughs are usually very loud and may cause


Tips For Baby Photography Success: Featuring Baby Model Aiden B.

We had the honor of doing a photoshoot for SF Bay Area’s very own baby model Aiden B.

Look at those dimples!

His mother(Khrista) needed photos for his 1st birthday coming up in October. The party theme is fishing. Khrista changed him into his “The Big One” t-shirt, then we headed to the park to give it that outdoorsy look.

So much joy in his eyes.


Baby Photog Challenges

Baby photography can be challenging depending on age and personality, of the baby. Sometimes for many unknown baby-reasons, the baby won’t want to cooperate.

Other times it’s simple because the baby will listen or just have a great personality and connection with the photographer. This is great because then he or she will give you great shot opportunities.

Aiden was the latter. We got plenty of great shot opportunities. Especially since Khrista was only looking for the one money shot.


Mommy loves to hold my hands!

Behind the Scenes Coverage

I actually was second camera at this shoot. So I was able to get some great behind the scenes shots of main camera operator one.

Tips, Tricks: Snacks & Sillies

Some techniques we used were common, resourceful and a success. All we needed was a can of snacks and some silly words and games that baby Aiden loves so much he pretty much would smile on cue. Khrista was great at knowing when these 2 tools were needed.

Where’s my crunchies?


Posing, Candids & Close-ups

Now let’s discuss the baby poses, or lack thereof. For babies it really depends on their age, mood and personality that tells if they are going to pose for the camera. But the easy part is, babies are so adorable that candids and their natural behaviors often work just fine.


The photoshoot took a little less than 20 minutes and we got plenty of usable shots that Khrista(mom) LOVED! Camera one decided when to call it a wrap and we packed up to head out.

After a hard days work time for my nap!

Baby-Photo Color Correction & Editing

While editing these photos, I was mostly going for a soft, warm look you know, since he’s a baby. There were some that I did very little editing to because I really liked the natural look of the BTS shots, those greens and that natural daylight lighting was great. It was a perfect day for a photoshoot and great weather, except it was about 108 degrees f. out there.

The Soft Look


The Natural Daylight Look


The Guide to a Free Photoshoot

We had some free time so we decided to go out for a Photoshoot. We put together a short-fast-& easy photoshoot that took little to no planning at all. Our objective was to go through a short day-plan of what an actual photoshoot would look like, but for 0 budget.

We covered a few of the essentials that every basic photoshoot should include. This photoshoot was mutually beneficial for the photographer and the model and that’s really our key here. TIP: find a friend whose willing to practice with you, this way you can both grow your repertoire, experience and your portfolios. Our tasks at bay were to practice posing a model, take on multiple locations, try out different camera angles. The strategy was to practice shooting as well as to brush up on some new modern-day techniques for both modeling and photography. After all you should never stop learning, even when you start your own business.

The photoshoot was a lot of fun, we stayed local to keep it very very low budget yet still fun and simple as ever. The advantages to this type of photoshoot environment are:

very low stress which is great for practice
plenty of time to take notice of body placement and other tiny details such as
artistic feel
and it’s so great for learning.

Like I said, we wanted to keep this to the lowest budget as possible, so anyone can mimic our Basic Photoshoot day. With this said, this shoot was all shot in one location. We actually just stayed at my parents home in the Silicon Valley and created three separate locations within that one location. Each location gave the photos a whole new and separate look.  Some of the photos may look as if we are all over the place but really we were in the comfort of our own home. Talk about really low-budget this was really easy and doable for anyone.


We started off in the front yard, and placed the model on an antique chair in front of the most beautiful, vibrant red rose bush. Photographer Justin instructed me through some poses that he has been wanting to practice shooting for portraits. Taking photos of a real  person is one great form of practice. For a model it is always great to practice modeling poses to stay comfortable in front of the camera and learn all the modern-day model poses and techniques. So the first pose was a relaxed sitting pose on a beautiful antique looking chair. We actually started off in my mother’s living room she calls it her angel room but the evening approach to lot faster than we had anticipated so we had to move it onto the front yard we were trying to catch the sunset for a second location away from my parents house about few blocks down but we ran out of time just trying to get these poses just right.

First Pose:

Sitting Pose: So for the first post for me as the model I was practicing trying to look comfortable even though I was you know in a very awkward sitting position I’m a bit shorter so too lean my elbows on my knees it would make my head very low and make for a really awkward look so I had to tiptoe on my to get my elbows to be higher on my knees so that I can rest my hand on my face rest my face on my hand to make it more of a cuter look like the post Justin wanted to practice so the tricky part here was actually trying to get my hand not to look so awkward most the times you can tell when a model is an amateur or professional when you can’t even notice how awkward her hands are placed his his or her hands are placed so I was really just working on that brushing up on that and Justin was working on on how to construct a model to to you know put her hands naturally so I will show you some of the shots we got of the first book the first post I kept one outfit for all locations just to make it fast and simple and easy to do so anyone can do this and then we went on with the

Pose 1

P1010228 2

Second Pose:

Side Profile Portrait: The Second pose which was in “location 2” we moved to the backyard and it was actually a standing pose where I trust face diagonal from the camera but have my hands and face looking at the camera but my body turning on angle away from the camera slightly this picture didn’t really come out clean honest I didn’t really care for any of them so we moved on to a different background so we moved on to my parents wooden patio and that’s when I got the inspiration for the main pose which was falling so we did we did some along for the wooden patio on the bench and that one was a lot of fun.


Third Pose:

The third pose was taken on my parents beautiful wooden deck, it’s actually  what inspired our main photo. The deck is where we started practicing posing with the shy girl shoulders and the used a natural natural relaxed open mouth.

P1010471-Edit copy-Edit

Forth Pose:

The wooden deck is what inspired our main photo, we moved over to the fence along the passion vines, and couldn’t get a good shot there, so I thought what if we got along the other side of the fence. That’s where the money shot was. We used the shy girl shoulders and the natural “cheese” word for that smile. There’s many words to practice with!

Pose 3


Coming soon…

In my next post I’ll be including a Photoshoot modeling Guide.  With the guide, I’ll be telling you how you too can also easily practice your modeling techniques and/or photography techniques. The techniques in this post will include: How to become more comfortable in front of the camera. Different words you can say to get that natural facial, simple basic poses to play with your body movement and different techniques to get that model look.


How to Get Started

The secret behind getting started is to start! It really is that easy. There’s only a few simple steps to do to help prepare you to get started:

  1. Set some goals
  2. Create a timeline of actionables
  3. Set a deadline or due date – a HARD due date
  4. Get started !

that I’ll touch on in the next paragraph, I’m here to tell you your first step to success.
It’s a struggle that everyone shares and that’s how to get started. It’s actually a lot easier than most make it out to be. There’s a really great trick here and it’s a simple thing. The trick is every day, do one thing. Yep, ONE thing! With this exercise we are hoping you complete more than one thing, but completing one thing a day is a great start to create momentum to finish other things through out the day.

That’s all you have to do is finish one thing. That’s the secret to getting started. Give your self a goal, and a deadline. This will help you to make sure the one thing gets done. It’s sort of like Nike, you have to Just Do It!

Like they say, the hardest part is starting, so once you get that out of the way, you’re all set and ready to go. This post is somewhat related to my Motivated To-Do list post. The hardest part here would be the timeline of actionable, if that seems like busy work, skip it and just get to setting the due date. Once the due date is set you are ready to go.

Today my “One Thing” was to write a blog post. I went around it all day, added stuff to my website, did some work for my media business. Created some forms for some clients and cleaned up around the house. Right now I’m finishing that blog post and I’m getting ready to start dinner. Now here’s my one thing, comment below what your “One Thing” was for today! If you didn’t do anything comment me what your “One Thing” will be for tomorrow! Good luck ! Let’s get motivated! The only way to achieve your goals is to get started and get things done.



What’s your one thing for today and tomorrow? Comment Below! Or tweet us, comment on our fb or instagram! @_forthehonor

The #1 Reason Why People Give Up Their Dream

Let’s do something real here. Let’s do a heart check. Where are you in your life right now? Are you working towards your dream? Where did you think you would be at this point in your life? Where do you want to be in the near future? What do you want to be doing?

Your answers will vary, some of you might get down on your self, emotional, depressed, angry. But try to be positive, there’s still time for you to turn this all around. You can still achieve your goals and I’m going to tell you how in a just 5 do-able steps.

But first, we need to talk. There’s a harsh reality that just set in, you might have just realized that you gave up on your dream, you gave up on yourself. This isn’t healthy and it’s absolutely not okay. According to a study in the academic journal Social Forces, only 6 percent of adults end up in the careers they dreamt about as kids.


motivate 3 - Instagram 1080x1080.png

To some of us this is a good thing, there are those of us who wanted to be a cartoon character, or Elvis. All jokes aside, though, there are the rest of you who held your dream dear to your hearts. The harsh reality is we’ve literally lost out on tens of thousands of passionate doctors, presidents, teachers, musicians, motivational speakers etc… All these dreams were thrown away and for a simple and avoidable reason.

The #1 reason why people give up on their dreams is sadly because they simply don’t believe in themselves. They honestly think they can not make a difference, and are not good enough to achieve their goals.

  1. Self-Motivation: Use the heart check from the beginning of this post as motivation. Answer all 4 questions truthfully and seriously, use your answers as a start to a turning point. Just because these answers are a place holder for the present doesn’t mean they can’t be a foundation for the future.
  2. Healthy-Confidence: There’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness. It’s hard to work with someone who is stuck-up can cocky. But it’s also hard to work with someone who is insecure, shy and unprofessional. It is very important to build your self esteem and self love and confidence. This is how you’ll grow your courage, and you’ll also start to notice some motivational forces growing inside you.
  3. Support System: Make sure to share your passions, talents and gifts with your loved ones and closest confidants. These are the ones who will support you, make sure you explain to them what it is you love and WHY! Why is very important in helping them understand your message and goal. Tip: Tell someone you really trust one of your short-term goals, ask them to simply keep you accountable.
  4. Encourage-Motivate-Inspire: These are the pillars that For The Honor exists on. We pride our selves in filling you up with encouragement in a way that leads to your motivation by inspiring you with your own love for your passion. Now that’s deep!
  5. Spiritual Guidance: Spiritual guidance is not last because it’s the least important,
    but I saved the best for last. It’s very crucial to have a spiritual healthy heart. God created you with a purpose, provided you with a gift and filled you with passion.

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How To Be The Best You

Even if you’re perfect for it, if you don’t want something, you’ll never have it. It doesn’t matter how stereotypically perfect you are for it or how naturally good you are at it you are. If you don’t want it, you won’t get it.

There’s this young guy I know, he has the perfect look for modeling, I’d say GQ. He has a unique look, handsome face, great height. I’ve met with him and talked a few times about starting a modeling career including what I can help him with, branding and PR wise. He was responding to me, “that sounds cool” I’d say, “lets do some photoshoots, build your portfolio” he’d say, “yeah okay.” Even though he was responding positively, his body language was saying otherwise. His attitude was neutral. He wasn’t excited, passionate, inspired, encouraged or motivated. He was just there to meet to hear me out.

It was a total bummer because I went there ready to work, even after meeting face to face for the first time I excitedly thought, okay cool I may have my first modeling client here. The reason he was being those ways is, he had some personal insecurities. After we stayed talking a bit more, he started to open up saying, he wanted to work on his body build, he wasn’t sure if his tattoos would fit the “model look”, he didn’t like his smile. This started to open my ears, mind and heart about what this young guy really needed.

He did have an “interest” in modeling. People told him he should model all the time, throughout his life. He “wants to try it” but he just doesn’t know if he’s a fit. Well, modeling is very diverse these days. The things that make you unique and stand out are the things that get you jobs and gigs.

I wish I could go on saying we ended up building his confidence, doing some shoots, encouraging, motivating and inspiring him. But we didn’t, I never saw him after that, and I’m not exactly sure where he is these days. I hope one day we can cross paths. Now that I am here with my Publicist career, I can really help him build his brand. I would be ready to encourage, inspire and motivate him. Build his confidence and self esteem. Only you can be the best version of your self. To be the best version of your self you start with wanting to be the best you.

How to Make A To-Do List

Feeling lazy? Maybe you have no reason to be motivated? Or you lost any and all ambition you might have had? Well, snap out of it! It’s time to get things done. Why isn’t now the perfect time to be doing what you love? What is it that you love? What comes to mind when I ask you, “what are you passionate about? What inspires you?”

Once you find your passion you’ll gain your motivation back, why? Because your passion is your purpose. Once you realize that you have a purpose and there’s a reason for your existence, you’ll gain all sense of motivation and confidence.

motivate series - 1080x1080.png

Mornings will be different because your thought process will be transformed. You’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, inspired, encouraged and motivated. All because your purpose is calling you each day, and it won’t hang up until you pick up the phone and answer it. There’s a message that you have for the world, what is it? There’s a calling for your life you just need to follow through. There’s a story, your story and it has to be shared with the world, go capture it.

Here’s how to get motivated

Each night before you get ready for bed, make a To-Do list for the next day. This list can include big or small tasks. Just as long as there’s something on the list that you really want to get done. Make the list realistic until you start proving to yourself that you can complete the list. Once the list gets too easy for you, start adding things that make you uncomfortable or a little scared. In a good way of course. I mean things like, write my first song, make my first video, post my work for others to see, tell my parents & friends about my passion. Things like that, that might be a little scary but deep down are a big step that you’ve been wanting to take.

To-Do List Tips

  • Start small and realistic
  • Add at least (1) task that has to do with personal growth
  • Add (1) task that will get you out of your comfort zone
  • Add a few tasks that make you happy
  • Always add (1) interest that you want to learn about

If you honestly don’t know where to start with this list, hit the basics.

The Starter’s Basic To Do List

  • Wake up
  • Get out of bed
  • Get Dressed
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Do some googling’ about   insert your passion here   (give your self a time limit for this task, because you can easily get carried away and end up wasting some time)
  • Exercise, stretch, or go on a walk for 10 minutes
  • Have a 20 minute brainstorming session about your passion and projects that you can work on now to sharpen your skills

Some small things I like to have on my To-Do Lists, are checkboxes. I love being able to check things off of my list, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride. I tend to add a few simple tasks at the top of my list, that way, even if it’s something small I can still get it done. This helps me get into the rhythm of completing tasks for the day.

Phones usually come with a notepad feel free to use that or you can get a free todo list app. I use Google Keep, because it’s simple and works as a Notepad and a to-do list, it also has tags, so you can organize your thoughts and even use it for brainstorming sessions. There’s even a desktop app you can install on your laptop or computer. I also like that it links with Google Drive so you can send your brainstorming notes there and expand them!

The next time you feel unmotivated, uninspired, discouraged- remember that your life has purpose. Each day is another chance for you to get it right, work hard, work on your skills, work towards your goals and reach your dreams. All you have to do is live with a purpose.

10 Ways to Build Your Brand

How do you build your brand and start gaining a following? When you start working on your career, you begin to wonder how to gain some traction and engagement.  There’s plenty you can do! Below I’ll list 10 things you can get started on now.

I can go on and on with the many gifts & talents that For the Honor can help you build your brand for, I’ll name some now. So you want to be a model, writer, speaker, actor, rapper, singer, news reporter, professional athlete, business owner, youtuber, graphic designer, comedian, preacher, motivational speaker, voice actor, author, artist, graphic designer, painter, etc. Welcome to the community of hopefuls!

You are just getting started and you have no clue about what to do first. Here’s a list of things you start on to begin to build your brand:

  1. Highlight reel: Use your phone or camera to make some progressive proof videos of your self. You can use these videos as highlight reels to see what you still need to work on.
  2. #WERKIT: Build your confidence, a healthy confidence not cockiness! I’ll have some more encouraging posts coming weekly to help inspire, encourage and motivate you!
  3. #HoneIt: Refine and perfect your skills; Practice, practice, practice!
  4. Vlog&Blog: Start a personal tracker, diary, or blog/vlog. Along the lines of  #1, keep video notes of your progress. Contact me if you want any tips on how to start a blog and if you need a vlog template.
  5. Make it a habit: keep at it, every day, every chance you get, work on building your skills, Stay focused, if you really want this, you need to focus on it, but make sure you keep a healthy balance for your family, friends and food ;P
  6. Stay learning: Take courses at school or after school even online course!  I’m going to start posting some online course on my site soon! Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to our site so you can be the first to know when our courses are up!
  7. Video Guides: Find some informative videos! Again, For The Honor will be posting up some informative and helpful video guides soon! #subscribe
  8. e-Portfolio: Start piecing together your portfolio, once you start getting comfortable in front of your camera, you can start building your social media presence. Social Media consistency will not only share your status updates but it will help grow your support base ! I’ll be posting up a portfolio sample and some social media tips to help you out!
  9. Be Professional: Make business cards, this is very important and goes with #10, once you have a title of your career choice, contact me, I can help you with any branding needs, just shoot me an email (!
    Encourage Series -- 01
  10. Get out and netWORK: When anyone invites you anywhere GO! This is always a networking opportunity. If it comes up naturally, of course, talk about it, mention your interests, goals, aspirations, current projects, future projects. You never know who you’re going to meet! and what they’re working on or striving for! You can possibly collaborate with them or maybe they have some connections that would be helpful for you. Always have your business cards with you, it looks so profession and is very impressive when you hand it out be confident!

5 Tips to Find Your Passion

There are many options when it comes to finding which passion to live out with your life. Searching for your gifted passion can be overwhelming, frustrating, stressful, confusing, or even depressing at times. Once you truly find your passion, life feels that much more purposeful, so much motivation feels your soul. Once you finally find your life reason and decide to make it your life goal and aspiration you’ll find it as a joyous transition but that doesn’t meant it will be easy.

One thing I really appreciate my parents for is their willingness and open-mindedness of letting me try anything and everything growing up. Each school year and summer, my mom would bring a stack of papers full of extra curricular activities. She would let my older brother, sister and I go through them and choose which sport, club, team, class or lessons we wanted to get involved with. Even if we wanted to do multiple, she would let us. She would always put the piano lessons on top for me, she was aware of my love for music and creativity since the beginning. My siblings and tried everything, from soccer tryouts to speed reading. From music technology, to football and cheerleading even golf and animation classes. Before I go off on a tangent reminiscing let’s get back on track here, (by the way we also did track and field and cross country for about 8 years.)

Anyways, there are many ways  for people to find their “thing.” Sometimes it takes years to find it and sometimes you’re born with your gift. Don’t be discouraged when you confuse passion & gifts with hobbies & interests. That is totally okay and a part of the process, believe me! It’s all learning, building and honing your skills.

After all, You won’t know until you try everything your heart desires then one day you’ll realize that you’ve found the one. Just look at my childhood as an example and all the crazy things I tried, and to make matters worse, I loved them all. So how will you know when it truly is your passion and purpose?

There’s always that one interest of yours that is constantly in the back of your mind. When you’re doing your work, in class, at your office, reading your emails. You have this lingering and yet scary thought of this dream that makes you so happy every time you consider following that dream.

Each time you start working on making these dreams come true you feel complete, you feel motivated, joyful, positive, and you are willing to do all the hard work because it’s necessary.

You might be wondering, but this is just a mere dream of mine, a simple wish. How can my passion be taken seriously, and be made into a career, lifestyle or even my life’s purpose? Your passion only starts as a passion until you cultivate it, then it evolves and matures into your purpose.

Inspire Series -- 01 (1)

So here’s the 5 tips on how to find your passion:

  1. Try anything and everything, even though it’s already planted deep in your heart, mind and soul. You still have to find it.
  2. Keep at it, no matter if you suck at it at first, if you love it, it’s worth the trial and error.
  3. Embrace all the failures because that’s when you learn the most.
  4. Be confident when your transitioning from passion to purpose so that people will take you seriously.
  5. Always continue to learn, grow and enhance your passion, every life has a purpose.