What’s Holding YOU Back?

“Your gifts are designed to reach the world for Jesus. So what’s holding you back?” – Peyton Jones

That was the opening line of today’s Daily Devotional. This question really resonated with me. I thought, what is holding me back? I have this gift from God and I’ve been wondering its purpose for years.

The purpose of your gift and my gift is the same, and different. The purpose is to reach the world for Jesus. The difference is how we choose to do that. You were provided a gift for a reason, to make a change in the world, to impact the world in a positive way.

So what’s holding you back? There are many people in the Bible who had absolutely zero experience and God was able to use them in the biggest ways. Why can’t that be you and me?

Having 10-20 years experience, 1-5 years experience, or no experience at all; you can still be used to reach the world. There’s a purpose that you hold with your life and it’s fulfilled with how you live it. Live your life using your gift, and live your life with the passion you have for that gift. Now I bet you’re thinking about how to get started.

Motivate -- 01.png

Well, Since each person is different, we each have our own individual gift. Maybe your gift is writing, an aspiring author. But you think, “there’s tons of writers why should I add to the huge list? I’m no different.” That is just not true! That’s a negative mindset that you should get rid of and stay far away from!

There is still A Mission to be completed. Or else why would there be so many passionate people with such amazing gifts and talents? You wouldn’t be filled with this passionate gift if it wasn’t meant for something greater. There wouldn’t be multiple people with similar gifts if the gift wasn’t needed to reach more of the world.

Let’s get back to our example about being a writer, there are many writers out there, you’re right. I’m here to tell you that each and everyone of you can reach a mass who really needed to be reached by YOU specifically. Each writer has their own individual and personalized style, interests, goals, and agendas right? Yes, of course there are similarities. BUT! there’s no way there’s another writer who is YOU.

So what’s holding YOU back? The answer is you. Your next step is to start using your gift For the Honor. 




Is My Passion My Purpose?

 Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 11.03.46 AM

       🎶 “My future is calling, my future is calling I gotta go,
I can’t stay here no mo’ I can’t stay here no mo’ gotta go.” 🎶

Throughout my life I’ve struggled with the question: is my passion my purpose? There has been many people throughout my life who have told me, “it’s just a phase.” A phase? This caused me to feel that my passion for talent, music & the entertainment business was not authentic. It honestly caused uncertainty in me and completely convinced me that it was just a phase, a hobby, love and just an interest.

Unfortunately, I decided to listen to the people who told me it was a phase, and these decisions caused a MAJOR setback that could have been avoided. I often remade the decision that I should just leave it at that and give it up. Because of this, my whole life I decided not to put my full focus or efforts towards this passion, in thoughts I was helping me out.

You might be wondering why I would listen to those people. Well, it turns out that I too wasn’t 100% sure if this passion instilled in me was also my purpose. Was God okay with this? Were they one in the same and I just wasn’t cultivating and caring for this ongoing love of mine? I felt this passion of mine was just a mere phase through life and someone else would change the game.

After all, how would it be me to make any change in the world? How could I make a difference, I’m just one person what could I possibly do. It’s been 27 years now and I’ve loved music ever since I could remember. I’ve taken classes, courses, expanded my interests within the broad industry of the music world. I have finally came to the solidified realization that after all these years, that this is NOT a phase.

It was very easy for me to sulk in my demise and get frustrated, angry and bitter about wasting so much time not investing into my passion just because I listened to the negativity of others. How much time I lost, how much more I could have learned. All the wisdom, experience and professionalism I would have if I just kept with it.

But I didn’t want to stay negative, I pulled my self out of that self pity and thought, NO! This was all part of the journey, part of the building process. Luckily the love was so strong that throughout my life I still would take courses, read books, take internships, accept entertainment opportunities and jobs that all would help me towards any potential future goals.

I have a job to do with my life, and not only am I counting on me but the future is. I not only want, need and have to go forward with this passion, but I’m responsible, depended on and destined for it!

This about this.. throughout your lifetime, who was your favorite teacher, instructor, professor, coach, authoritative figure? Was it the mean, strict one who obviously hated their job? OR was your favorite the one teacher who was so passionate about their life’s calling? It’s that one who you could feel really cared if you learned what they have to teach. The one who has a plethora of knowledge to pass to you and does what ever they can to make sure you succeed. Not ever would your favorite teacher be the one who shows up late, doesn’t teach, and literally wastes your time, right?

The point I’m trying to make here is, each and every single person has a life calling, a God-given gift, a passion, and a PURPOSE. If you don’t fulfill your purpose someone else will swoop in and fill your spot with whatever they are trying to do. Why do you think the world is so corrupt and filled with hate. This is because there are so many people unequipped, insecure of their potential and not confident that they have a purpose to live out during there time here on this Earth to help impact this world!

So to answer this daunting question I came up with and ask my self daily. Is my passion my purpose? Well that’s really for you to decide.  Against all odds, if you feel that it’s right in your heart, your soul and your mind. If it’s healthy for you and your love for it is so deep, if it’s your God-given gift and you want to use it to make an impact on this world then YES, your passion is your purpose. If it’s unhealthy, and you just want it selfishly for fame, fortune, or to prove things to your enemies, then I’m sorry but NO, your passion is NOT your purpose. 

🎶Dear future me,

Will I be alright?
because I’m trying to maintain
I lose sleep at night
Trying to not go insane
Will i ever move from this place?
I can’t give up
I don’t wanna lose out
I’m trying to conquer this thing I call life
Sometimes I wonder
Is it worth the fight?

Dear future me,

If I can be honest,
Do I even have a chance?

Dear future me,

I can see the sun peeking through the rain
Cause I let go of the pain and shame
Finally, I can see clearly now the rain is gone
I think I can make it now the pain is gone🎶

Hold On

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 11.14.24 AM.png

  How frustrating is it when you finally know what to do, you finally have your plan, you’re motivated and willing. All you want to do is get this show on the road, BUT! You have to hold on.

Now that I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I’m ready to start my career as a talent manager, I got so much to do, I ain’t got much time. There’s still so much that needs to be done  and I’m not complaining, I’m ready for everything. It seems like every time I start doing one thing, another thing comes up that I need to complete before the first thing. As I’m working on those two tasks more things spring up. But just like the song says, I just have to hold on and I know someone up above is rooting for me.

I can feel the presence of God with me, He’s guiding me, providing for me, and I also know my grandparents are cheering me on up above saying, “Come on Khristy, you got to get back up.” My families support and my faith are both a huge majority of my drive and motivation. They’re finally all on board with what I want to do with my life, and I can’t wait to make them all proud. I feel destined and I know that I’m finally fulfilling my life purpose for The Lord while I’m here on Earth.

I truly feel like this is what God made me for, I’m destined to become a talent manager and help inspire, encourage and motivate those who also want to achieve their dreams and/or life purpose by utilizing their gifts and talents from God.

But! before I do all of that, I need to take my time, and really make sure that I have everything in order and taken care of. I am going to

Hold On – Alabama Shakes 

So, bless my heart,
Bless my mind,
I got so much to do,
I ain’t got much time
So, must be someone up above
Saying come on girl,
You got to get back up.
You got to hold on.
Yeah you got to hold on.

Yeah, you got to wait,
I don’t wanna wait.
Well I don’t wanna wait,
No I don’t wanna wait.

It’s Time

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 11.12.20 AM.png

Today’s post is inspired by the first song that came on when I hit shuffle on my Spotify songs list. “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons.. if you haven’t noticed by now, each blog’s title is a song title.. so far I’ve added Drake & Justin Bieber. I do this for fun and because one of my biggest creative passions is for music.

“It’s Time,” When I think back on my 26 years of life, and everything that I’ve experienced.. all the people and things that I’ve loved, all the things I’ve learned, places I’ve worked and opportunities that arose throughout, these all point back to my passion and goal while I’m on this world, living my life. Becoming a talent manager.

Many people will think I’m crazy, they’ll be many times when I want to give up.. when things will get too difficult or  there’s way too much work to be done. But at this time in my life, I feel motivated. I’m ready and feel blessed to even have the opportunity and willingness to embark on this journey.

With the experience I have, the people I know, all the research and networking that I’ve done, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be time. Determination, dedication, passion, willingness, and most importantly God are a few main ingredients of what it will take for achieve this goal of mine. There’s no better time than now.

It’s Time.

“It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons

“And now it’s time to build from the bottom of the pit
Right to the top
Don’t hold back
Packing my bags and giving the academy a rain-check”

Never Say Never

 Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 11.10.19 AM.png

It doesn’t always work the first time. Sometimes it takes a couple tries, it takes persistences, determination, passion..

I remember back in college I tried out for the cheerleading squad, I had been a cheerleader (Competitive All-Star teams) for 7 years prior to these tryouts. The crazy part is I had been on this team the year before, but I didn’t make the squad this time. I wasn’t want they were looking for that specific year. I was discouraged, confused, defeated and honestly a little betrayed. The judges were all my past coaches.. it was like I was living a nightmare. I thought my cheer-life was over, and I’d never be on a collegiate team again. But still, I didn’t give up. I loved cheer, had a passion for it, and a natural talent.

Growing up, it took me a long time and a lot of effort to believe in myself, but after many years of dedication and practice, encouragement from my family, motivation from my friends and the support of my teammates, I finally believed in myself. And then this happened. REJECTION. It was a horrible feeling, I was knocked down and out for a while. But after some time, I dusted off and got back up. I prayed about it, processed it all, then started practicing more, worked out more.. then one day, partway through the Cheer season I got a call from my cheer coach.

Holding a bit of a chip on my shoulder I answered with my guard up, she sounded slightly nervous. She explained to me that one of their “flyers” (top girl) had been removed from the squad and they really needed me to replace her. After a wave of emotions I asked her a few questions, “what went wrong?”, “what do I need to work on?”, “I need some time to think this over.” I ended up speaking with my coach again soon after and accepted the offer.

Although there were hardships, up-hill battles, embarrassment, betrayal, it ended up being a great season. We went to Nationals in Disneyland! I made a lot of friends and rekindled friendships from the prior seasons before.

10′ SJSU Cheer team at Nationals

When you have a passion for something, use that as your motivation, inspiration and encouragement. Always believe in your self. Always continue to practice your craft, even when you’ve reached an All-Star level. Let rejection and betrayal motivate you to do better not be bitter. Make sure to always ask questions, find out what you need to work on more. Always keep an open mind, you never know when you’ll receive that call telling you that you’re needed. Never say never. 

Started from the bottom

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 11.07.23 AM.png
Everyone has a humble beginning, and this is mine.

My lil’ self made home office

My entire life I’ve had passion for… well, passion. When I see that someone is living their life doing what they’re passionate about it really drives me and I want to support them through it with all that I have.

There’s something special about someone reaching their full potential of what they’ve been given, it really makes my heart feel full. Everyone needs support, encouragement, and that extra push from a positive, motivating force within their life.

That person, that motivator, is me. I’m ready to help you realize your passion, gifts and talents, hone and utilize them to achieve your dreams.