Plumbing Art

New business was plumbing for a name

Being clever I thought, you’re a plumber named Arturo, your job is your work of art. ‘Plumbing Art’, — the double meaning is a creative plus.

Arturo came to me in need of a brand for his BRAND NEW business. He needed a logo, business cards and business shirts. Since the name is creative, he wanted the logo to be ‘professional’ with a creative touch. Check out the evolution of his brand below. 


Plumbing Art – Logo Design evolution

Plumbing art logo.

Arturo originally requested artistic plumbing character as his logo, then decided he wanted his business logo more “professional” looking. 

The professional look, at first, didn’t fully capture the creative name. So Arturo decided what if the name looked like it was coming out of the faucet like water.

Business card

Evolution of Plumbing Art – Business Card Design

Business cards.

PLUMBING ART wanted to stick with a professional and clean looking business card to hand out to their potential clients.

Arturo wanted a ‘splash’ of creativity to go with his business name, so we added the water drops to the title for the finishing touch.